Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) Review Course

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ACT(Animal Care Technologies) recognizes that there are key aspects to the licensing exam that simply working in a veterinary hospital might not expose one to. That is why ACT has developed a program that combines hundreds of videos, selected readings and dozens of practice exams into a course that will provide the applicant the very best chances of passing the exam.

The course is delivered entirely online to fit with the busy schedules most veterinary technicians lead. This 100 hour course can easily be completed in 12 weeks and will provide the candidate with tremendous confidence going into the actual examination. The course materials are weighted to the specific areas focused on in the exam. This means you spend your valuable time studying just the important topics. For those of you with limited equine exposure, there is course material to help you prepare.

ACT has also put together one of the premier practice test sites that will allow you the opportunity to do numerous practice exams with questions very similar to those found on the test. With a test bank of thousands of questions, you will be getting repeatedly exposed to key knowledge points. As you take your practice exam each week, you will be able to see your results visibly improve, instilling the confidence you need to embark on this seemingly overwhelming task.


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